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Identify energy saving projects on your farm or ranch to reduce water use, reduce pumping needs, and save you money.


The KWP Energy and Water Savings Program has several options available to rural farms and ranches to help save money on irrigation and pumping costs. This includes irrigation improvements, solar conversions, addition of VFD on pumps, micro-hydro, geothermal, and on-farm assessments. The service is free and includes up to 100% of the project cost with options for low interest loan guarantees.

If you have considered on-farm improvements, purchasing a VFD, converting to a solar pump, installing small hydro on an irrigation ditch, investing in a geothermal greenhouse, or converting a portion of your business to solar power, this funding could help ease that transition. Coupled with Oregon Department of Energy Project rebates, tax credits and Energy Trust of Oregon rebates, this is a great opportunity for saving both water and energy. We help locate cost share programs and grants to tackle the challenge of high energy costs and water availability. See some of our options here.


If you have recently purchased new irrigation parts, supplies, or equipment, the following information may interest you. As a Pacific Power customer, 3% of each bill you pay is held in a trust and paid back in the form of rebates to those who submit rebate forms with receipts. If you purchase nozzles, gaskets, regulators, or multi-trajectory sprinklers, you may be eligible for money back. This is an opportunity to reduce water use AND save money in the process.

You may be eligible for Energy Trust rebates if:
1. You are a PGE or Pacific Power customer
2. You are a Northwest Natural, Avista or Cascade Natural gas customer
3. You purchased the item within the last 6 months

See the general irrigation rebate form, VFD irrigation pump form, or the MESA/LESA/LEPA/PMDI rebate form to determine if your purchase qualifies for an Energy Trust rebate. To find out more about the options for rebates on regular maintenance purchases for existing equipment, new equipment, or upgrades visit Energy Trust or contact Bill Lehman, Executive Director at Klamath Watershed Partnership - 541-850-1717 - 

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laser leveling

Laser leveling of fields to reduce water needs.

When people think irrigation modernization they usually think of pivot and sprinkler system advancements.  However, the traditional technique of flood irrigation can use modern technology to be more efficient through laser leveling of fields.  This practice uses precise survey technology to create a gentle even slope across a field and reduce the amount of water needed to flood by 33% or more. Contact project coordinator Mark Johnson at 541-850-1717 or to explore possible funding to laser level your field. 

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