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Klamath Watershed Partnership has produced a variety of educational brochures and publications over the years, some of which are not saved in an online format.  Brochures and publications produced by the Klamath Watershed Partnership as well as board meeting minutes are available at our office or upon request.

Keno Stretch of the Klamath River - Fringe Wetland Master Plan Data

Watershed Assessments and Action Plans

- Upper Klamath Basin Watershed Action Plan Website and Document 2021

- Interactive Reach Prioritization Tool - an online mapping tool designed to identify priority reaches 

- Lower Sprague - Lower Williamson Watershed Assessment (2009) and Action Plan (2009)

- Upper Klamath Basin Watershed Assessment Strategy (2004)

- Upper Klamath Lake Watershed Assessment (2010)

- Upper Sprague Watershed Assessment (2007)

- Upper Williamson River Watershed Assessment (2005) and Action Plan (2006)

Other Publications of Interest

Evaluating Stream Restoration Projects in the Sprague River Basin 2012

O’Connor, J.E., McDowell, P.F., Lind, Pollyanna, Rasmussen, C.G., and Keith, M.K., 2015, Geomorphology and floodplain vegetation of the Sprague and lower Sycan Rivers, Klamath Basin, Oregon: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2014–5223, 122 p., 1 pl.,

Stretching Water in the Sprague River Valley 2012

2023 Annual Report

2022 Annual Report

April 2024 Board Meeting Minutes

January 2024 Board Meeting Minutes

November 2023 Board Meeting Minutes

July 2023 Board Meeting Minutes

April 2023 Board Meeting Minutes

February 2023 Board Meeting Minutes

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