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Klamath Watershed Partnership is Looking for New Board Members!


We are offering the opportunity to be more directly involved with the Klamath Watershed Partnership and our conservation efforts.  This year we are looking at filling volunteer Board positions. • You are already involved in the conservation in the Klamath Basin; we want you to be an active part of our Team. • We need diverse talents in order to meet the challenges of the future: the more willing hands, the greater our opportunities for success. • There are no prerequisites other than a willingness to join the team and provide your time at our quarterly 2-3 hour board meetings.  • Whatever your background, this is your chance to have a direct and lasting impact on the water resources of the Klamath Basin.

WHAT IS THE BOARD? • The Board directs the activities of the Klamath Watershed Partnership, establishes priorities, organizes fundraising efforts, and leads by example. • The Board meets once a quarter/4 times a year and we often conduct business or convey information by phone and e-mail.  • Information and operations manuals are available for background. New Board members will be mentored by current members. HOW WOULD THIS WORK? • Board members are elected (and serve) for two-year terms. • We are in the process of expanding the number of Board positions and find volunteers to help on Klamath Watershed Partnership projects. • You don't have to live in Klamath Falls. Board members have come from communities throughout the Klamath Basin.

CAN WE COUNT ON YOU? • Would you like more information? • Would it help to talk to a Board member or one of our Staff? • Would you like to visit us at the office?

Contact us by mail, phone or email.  Thank you!

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